A Must Read: Chronicles Of “Supeh Girl AKA L3sbo’ Things

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Oyin and I ran into each other at a wedding ceremony one Saturday.

I could not believe my eyes when I spotted her. We had not seen each other in nearly six years. Oyin and I were very good friends back in secondary school. We lost contact after we graduated school and even though she had been in my thoughts all that time, we just sort of drifted apart.

Oyin and I were more than friends. We had something special going. We were both boarding students so that meant we basically lived together most months in a year. Our special relationship started with k!ss!ng. One evening, she fell asleep on my bed, right beside me. Sometime around midnight, even though it was dark, I noticed she and I were face to face. There was a certain int!m@cy that came about due to the quiet and darkness. I reached my hand up and rested it on her face. I felt her shift and knew she was awake. After a few moments, she moved closer to me and our l!ps met.

  • Olovo Obinna

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