Checkout Your Guide To Choosing Optimal Chafing Dish

Modern chafing dishes that are widely used in catering business nowadays and they can become really handy even at small party for your friends. Their basic purpose is to keep all of your dishes at the needed temperature during the entire party.

What is more, they are user-friendly, don’t require complex maintenance, and what’s best of all, they make your life much simpler and more enjoyable.

We are going to tell you about different types of chafing dishes, which will certainly help you make your choice!

ShapeThe most widespread shape for a chafer dish is rectangular or round. Nevertheless, other shapes are also possible; different shapes have different functions:

● rectangular chafing dish is commonly used for starters. An oblong-shaped chafer is used more seldom, mainly for appetizers and side dishes;
● a round chafer is very often used to serve side dishes, gravies, and sweet dishes. A semi-round chafer is also used for snacks and sides;
● oval: these chafers feature a more present-day look than rectangular ones. However, they are used for the same purposes;
● marmite/soup: A marmite chafer is widely used to store warm liquid dishes like soups or stews;
● square chafers are very rare; they are also used to keep entrees and sides;
● drop in chafer: A drop in chafer dish is normally firmly fixed on your serving countertop. It enables a fancy presentation of a continental breakfast station or a buffet;
● chafer griddle: Chafer griddles are the best option for storing cooked warm foods like pancakes, sandwiches while they are being served;
● coffee chafer Urns are used to store and hand out coffee and other hot drinks.

Cover TypesThe most common chafer cover types are hinged, lift off, and roll top lids. Roll top are preferable if customers are self-serving; while lift off covers are more appropriate and presentable when servers are hired for the event.

● Lift Off and Dome Covers have a handle placed on the top of the lid.
● Retractable/Roll Top Cover: are most appropriate for buffet displays since clients do not have to hold the lid or even open it. There is also a front handle for extreme convenience.
● Hinged Cover creates the impression of a lift off unit without the trouble of displacing the lid. A lot of models provide a stay-open characteristic at 45 and 90 degree angles.
● Glass Top Cover features a transparent window, enabling you to keep an eye on your cooking masterpieces without having to open the lid. This window also comes handy if you want to attract your hungry clients.
● Covered Handles provide extra safety and comfort for your servers. They are normally coated with nylon or similar materials to prevent heating.

Fuel vs. Electric Heat● Fuel chafers work on Sterno fuel cans or other gel chafing fuel to keep the chafer water dish hot.
● Electric chafers are ideal for outdoor usage, since they work much better in windy or harsh weather. They’re also great for indoor events when you are not willing to deal with open fire.
● Induction cooking method is a ground-breaking safe solution that utilizes a portable induction range to heat chafer thus eliminating the danger of burns and fire. Similar to electric chafers, induction chafers need a power point.

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