A Must Read: Chronicles Of “Supeh Girl AKA L3sbo’ Things

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Oyin and I ran into each other at a wedding ceremony one Saturday.

I could not believe my eyes when I spotted her. We had not seen each other in nearly six years. Oyin and I were very good friends back in secondary school. We lost contact after we graduated school and even though she had been in my thoughts all that time, we just sort of drifted apart.

Oyin and I were more than friends. We had something special going. We were both boarding students so that meant we basically lived together most months in a year. Our special relationship started with k!ss!ng. One evening, she fell asleep on my bed, right beside me. Sometime around midnight, even though it was dark, I noticed she and I were face to face. There was a certain int!m@cy that came about due to the quiet and darkness. I reached my hand up and rested it on her face. I felt her shift and knew she was awake. After a few moments, she moved closer to me and our l!ps met.

Since then, whenever we got the chance, we enjoyed each other’s b0dy. This only made us even closer and the feelings I had for her were very strong. I had not been with another girl since her and watching her across the room in that wedding hall quickly brought back old feelings.

She soon spotted me and halted in her steps. Then her l!ps widened into a smile and she walked quickly over to me. We shared a tight hug when she reached me and we talked about getting together to catch up. She told me she lived quite close to the wedding and out of nowhere, I asked if we could go home together.

I called and told my b0yfriend I would no longer be able to make it to his house that evening. We were supposed to go on a special date but spotting Oyin and how s3xy she looked in her lace green dress, I knew exactly where I was going to spend the night.

We arrived at her home and bedroom a few hours later. We sat on her bed and she told me about what she had been up to since school. I tried to listen but I was too distracted by how ar0us3d I was by her body and how much I m!ssed touching her. I wondered if things would be different now or if she would no longer be interested. Luckily, I was wrong on the latter because at one point, she leant close to me and I quickly claimed her l!ps.

Frantically, I began to work on her zipper. I pulled it down to reveal her beautiful br3@sts covered in a pink br@. I placed my hands on them, gently kneading. She m0@ned and leant back. I was soon ly!ng on t0p of her as I pulled her dress all the way up. She unclasped her br@ and her naked br3@sts were ready for me when I returned. Her b00bs had gotten a lot bigger since our last time. I took her n!ppl3s between my thumb and foref!nger and tugged as she cried out in pleasure.

Afterwards, I went all the way down her belly to her pink p@nties. I pulled those down, revealing her bald p***y. I cupped her p***y gently, stroking her then sliding two f!ngers in her. The warmth enveloped me beautifully. I had missed this so much. I pumped my finger in and out until I could feel w3tn3ss dr!pping out of her.

I was thirsty for her. I wanted to taste her so I buried my head between her legs and set to work. I svcked and l!cked and nibbled until she began to buck against my mouth. She pushed upwards, f**king my mouth eagerly, her head thrashing from side to side. I kept going until she came. I l!cked off her cvm then reached back up to k!ss her, giving her a taste.

She wrapped her hands around my neck as she caught her breath. She asked me to stay the night. She said she had a few things to show me. I could not wait.

*******TO BE CONTINUED*******

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