5 Easy Ways To Get Healthy WITHOUT Working Out — Ever!

Your fitness-obsessed friends may never admit it, but their gym time is a luxury.

Because, despite what they’ll tell you, working out never actually only takes an hour. There’s travel time, waiting for the class or the machine, stretching, cooling down and showering off the gym-stink. Working out regularly can suck up way too much of your time.

Actually, staying healthy in general can feel like a huge, unwieldy time commitment.

Take eating right, for example. Sounds basic, but it’s not easy to do on the fly.

You have to monitor your portions, track what you’re ingesting, all while constantly researching what ingredients and foods are truly good for you. (I, for one, was shocked to find out that foods like yogurt, wheat bread, and cereal bars can actually be bad for you. But, admittedly, most of my healthy food purchases are based off what the label looks like.)

Like every other person with a family and a job, I have zero time, energy, or desire to devote myself to living a hardcore healthy lifestyle.

But here’s the thing: We are all so busy that we can’t afford not to be healthy.

We don’t have time to get sick and we need all the energy we can get. So, what can you do? How do you stay reasonably healthy if you simply can’t make it to the gym every day?

You’re in luck! We did some research and found five relatively easy, low-impact ways to improve your health quickly without compromising your busy schedule.