13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You

6. South Korea

Budget Allotted: $62.3 Billion

Total Active Troops: 625,000

Total Tanks in Service: 2,381

Total Aircraft in Service: 1,412

Total Submarines in Service: 13

Major Battles Fought

The major war fought was the Korean War in 1950 where all the United Nations stood up with South Korea against North Korea and China which resulted in their victory. Again in 1966, North Korea tried to instigate an armed insurgency in South Korea where the US came to the aid of South Korea and lead it to a victory. The military of South Korea is highly backed up by the world superpower the US making it even stronger. With the big rival at its border, South Korea keeps on increasing their budget every year to keep itself prepared against North Korea at any moment. The country has numerous weapons and tanks and has the sixth largest air force in the world.