13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You

9. Pakistan

Budget Allotted: $8.5 Billion

Total Active Troops: 617,000

Total Tanks in Service: 2924

Total Aircraft in Service: 1073

Total Submarines in Service: 8 Major Wars Fought:

The first major war was fought in 1965 against their biggest rivals India which led to a tie where India had surrendered and called off their forces back after the fierce attack of the Pak Army. The second war was due to internal country politics with East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) where Indian army also interrupted to take the revenge of 1965 and played their cards to break the country into two. The result of the war was a big loss for Pakistan as East Pakistan got partitioned from the country and today that day is celebrated as the independence day of Bangladesh. Pakistan’s army is considered one of the world’s strongest militaries as they have SSG commandos, the best special forces in the world. With 140 nuclear warheads and building 20 nuclear warheads annually, the country could become the third largest nuclear power of the world. Including the official Army, the citizens are always ready to stand, support and fight against their enemies. The people really love the forces and often seek justice from the Army instead of the courts and governments. With an intense rival India at the border, the percentage of the defense budget is increased every year to keep itself prepared at any time against any enemy. Pakistan is said to have very friendly relations with the superpowers including US, China, Turkey who are always ready to support the country. Recently a joint military drill with Russian army made the Pakistan Army much stronger as their biggest rival India was supported by Russia in previous wars against Pakistan.