13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You

10. Egypt

Budget Allotted: $4.4 billion

Total Active Troops: 468,500

Total Tanks in Service: 4,624

Total Aircraft in Service: 1,107

Total Submarines in Service: 4 Major Battles Fought

Fighting with the Arab union against Israel in 4 wars, Egypt never fought a major battle against any other country but had participated and deployed their troops several times against the terrorist groups of ISIS to create peace and bring back harmony in the world. The incidents and wars of the Ancient Egyptian military have always rocked our history books. Egypt, with the history of using the weapons of mass destruction, is one of the countries who doesn’t agree and signed on the chemical weapons convention. Egypt is known to create the highest number of chemical weapons of mass destruction. Like Israel, it is mandatory for an Egyptian male to serve 9 years of his life in the arm forces. Now, Egypt is trying to maintain peace in its own country and fight a war against terrorism.