13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You

12. The United Kingdom

Budget Allotted: $60.5 billion

Total Active Troops: 147,000

Total Tanks in Service: 407

Total Aircraft in Service: 936

Total Submarines in Service: 10 Major Battles Fought

With a history of numerous battles, the UK with the British Commonwealth countries had fought and won in World War II, when they forced the Nazis to surrender. After WWII, the UK had three major wars with Iceland and was defeated, enabling Iceland to expand its territories and gain more land. The United Kingdom once ruled over half of the world including India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, but the U.K. is getting much weaker as time passes. Britain’s military budget has been cut due to BREXIT though they’re planning to reduce the number of soldiers during until 2018. The Royal Army is now planning for an aircraft carrier which can carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters across the globe.

11. Israel

Budget Allotted: $17 billion

Total Active Troops: 160,000

Total Tanks in service: 4,170

Total Aircraft in service: 684 Total

Submarines in service: 5 Major Battles Fought

A big rival of Arabs, Israel had been fighting for its independence since 1947. It has been in a continuous war scenario with Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and other Arab countries. Israel has gained five consecutive victories in previous wars against Hamas and Palestine since the year 2000 as it is heavily backed up by US forces. The country which is not recognized by 31 countries, out of which 18 belong to the Arab league, still manages to fight against its enemies. The Israel Defense Force requires every male adult to serve 3 years in its forces, women for 2 years and it punishes those who refuse to join. IDF differs from other forces as their troops do not get deployed but stay at Israel’s borders to protect them. The strongest part of Israeli forces is their use of technology in upgrading their defense systems.