13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You

The most respectable, loved and honorable occupation for anyone is to join a military and fight for their country, but very few lucky ones get a chance for this golden opportunity. The best and finest among the people are chosen to serve the country and join the military. They stay away from their homes, luxuries, families and devote their life to the people of their country; one cannot replace the military by any means. The list is generated from of a mix of all military forces including the ground army, air force, navy, special forces and their weapons, jets, ships, influence in today’s world, their future planning and their past records of battle.

13. Italy

Budget Allotted:

$34 billion Total Active Troops:

320,000 Total Tanks in Service:

586 Total Aircraft in Service:

760 Total Submarines in Service:

6 Major Battles Fought Italy has not directly involved with any country in any war in last modern era but has always participated in peacekeeping missions and has always deployed their troops in the war against terrorism. The weak army of WWII is now the military with two active aircraft carriers which carry a large number of attack helicopters and large submarine, making it one of the strongest militaries. Italy, as of now, does not engage in a war with any country and is an active member of the UN and willingly sends their troops to the countries who seek help.