13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You

1. United States

Budget Allotted: $601 billion

Total Active Troops: 1,400,000

Total Tanks in Service: 8,848

Total Aircraft in Service: 13892

Total Submarines in Service: 72

Major Battles Fought

With the world’s strongest military, the US have been directly or indirectly involved in almost every war happening on planet earth after its discovery by Colombus, which makes it the most powerful country in the world. Some of the major wars in US history have been the Revolutionary War, Mexican-American War which was due to the dispute over Texas, the Civil War where the brother fought brother, The Spanish American War where America became a world power with its victory, World War I and II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm against Iraq, the war in Afghanistan after 9/11 and last the Iraq War which ended with the execution of Saddam Hussain. Being the most powerful country with the strongest military, the US forces always stay active with their troops ready at any time. Experts say that the US can never be invaded as they have got the strongest Navy with the maximum number of ships and submarines. Over 1 million soldiers serve in the country, about half of the number is always active on duty and serves full time. The US army owns around 15 million acres of land across the US and the soldiers serve at 158 installations around the world. The US army never compromises on their missions with well-equipped vehicles, the latest weapons, and advanced aircraft. A 2011 Army Fact sheet estimated that they spent around 22 gallons of fuel per day per soldier. Recently, the US Army is racing to build new cyber corps and increase their soldiers in the Cybercrime department. Their duty will be to secure and defend against cyber strikes, networks, and database information systems.