13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You

3. Russia

Budget Allotted: $84.5 billion

Total Active Troops: 766,033

Total Tanks in Service: 15,398

Total Aircraft in Service: 3,429

Total Submarines in Service: 55

Major Battles Fought

Russia has a long history of wars, having been involved in more than 100 major wars since the 14th century and gained fierce victories and defeats too. Russia was involved in World War I against central powers and faced a defeat. The Russian civil war resulted in a victory of Russian red army. Later, it got defeated, leading to the independence of Finland, Latvia, and Estonia. Russia is still involved in wars which are ongoing against Ukraine, ISIS and Syria to support them. With the third strongest and most experienced military, Russia is a big threat to the superpowers China and US as it wanted to regain the position of superpower. Russia is heavily investing in their military budget and is producing the latest aircraft, helicopters, and ammunitions. By 2020, Russia plans to add another six Army Aviation airbases to the eight existing ones. In addition, more than one thousand new helicopters are planned to be put into service.