13 Countries With The Most Powerful Military In The World – This List Will Stun You


Budget Allotted: $41.6 billion

Total Active Troops: 247, 173

Total Tanks in Service: 678

Total Aircraft in Service: 1,613

Total Submarines in Service: 16

Major Battles Fought

The two major battles in which Japan participated were WWI and WWII. They emerged victorious in WWI against Germany where it ended the German and Ottoman Empire. Its last furious battle was during World War II which was the worst defeat for Japan and resulted in the Fall of the Japanese empire, weakening the roots when it was bombed with a nuclear weapon from the United States. Japan’s high-tech military is equipped with advanced gadgets and weapons making it one of the strongest. The only country which suffered from nuclear attacks is not allowed to create any for their defense and rely on the US for their security. Japan is said to have a strong military with high tech weapons but it remains untested as the country has not participated in any war after the defeat in World War II. Japan has the fourth largest submarine and attacking helicopter fleet including four aircraft carriers. Recently, Japan has deployed their troops for the first time after WWII to South Sudan as part of UN peacekeeping missions.